The Ketchup Project

The Ketchup Project - from waste to taste

40% of Kenyan tomatoes is wasted after harvest. This is a waste of resources and farmer income. In collaboration with Kenyan farmers, we are producing a tasty, fair and healthy tomato ketchup to help solve this issue in a scalable and sustainable way.

How it all started

While travelling in Kenya we met farmers growing tomatoes for the local market. They told us about their problems: the Kenyan market is very unpredictable and the price farmers get for their tomatoes sometimes doesn’t even cover their transportation costs. This leads to large surpluses and high amounts of wasted food.
Together with the farmers, we came up with a plan: we’ll dry the tomatoes and produce delicious ketchup from these tomatoes. This way, the tomatoes can be preserved for much longer and farmers generate more added value from their tomatoes. This plan became the Ketchup Project.

Our ketchup

Our ketchup is a delicious sauce with the real taste of tomatoes and less added sugar. We are always on the lookout for shops and cafes that would like to sell or use our ketchup. Please contact us at info@theketchupproject if you are interested in getting to know us.
You can buy bottles of this delicious ketchup here (shipping only to the Netherlands for now)

Sauce with a cause

It is our mission to stimulate the local economy in developing countries and to improve conditions in farmer communities based on a sound business model. We do this with a direct, transparent supply chain in which maximum benefits go to the farmers.
We are starting with tomato ketchup from Kenya, but we won’t stop there! More sauces and countries coming soon...
Full English website is under development. You can contact us at for more information -